Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Room Decorating - ♥

I am, gradually, decorating my room and I have recently added a few more pieces of décor that I think are bringing the room together quite nicely so I thought I'd show you them! I showed in a previous post a couple of furniture pieces that I bought from Dunelm and I recently bought another set of draws from Ikea.
These are the 'ALEX' drawers which I have used to store all of my make-up/hair/beauty products. They come in really handy because the top two draws are thin and the bottom three are thick.
On top of the draws are two little pots that I also showed in a previous post which are from Dunelm, a light which I have had forever, a mirror from Ikea which was £3.50 (bargain!) and a littler ornate frame from Poundworld. The little 'LOVE' wall hanging thing is from B&M and was about £1.99 I think.
Above the drawers are two shelves from B&Q and were very cheap. I can't remember the price but they were just plain wood and I painted them and sanded the edges down to make them look all old and vintage.
On the wall, I have put up a cute little floral bunting which a bought last year from Urban Outfitters. I actually bought this for my old room but then we moved and I didn't get a chance to put it up. I don't even think they sell it anymore which sucks because I want another one!
I am getting there with my room and when it's finished expect a final room décor post!
I'm not sure what to post next but I think I will do something beauty related because it's been a while.
Thanks for reading!

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