Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Good news!

Hello everyone,

I would like to start off this post by apologising for my absence. In my household there is currently only one laptop so getting time to actually update this blog is a bit of a hassle but i'm trying hard to stick to it. I will hopefully be getting my own laptop soon as i will be gaining more money, meaning that i can update more! Oh, "why will you be gaining more money?" you ask?..... well....

I've got a new job!!!

I know that you don't know much about me but, being a creative person, being stuck in what felt like a dead end job in a fast food restaurant didn't feel like it was for me and finally getting my act together and getting a new job is a big deal.

When my very very close work friend started job hunting she was trying to convince me to get out there and do the same but, being a lazy bum, i chose not to as that meant i needed to update my CV which sounded like such a bore. But ,eventually, my friend managed to bag herself an interview and, soon after, a pretty good job which is probably the main reason i got up and decided enough was enough. We literally were always together at work; Singing, chatting, acting like complete idiots. All of this helped me through the repetitive, boring days but when she left... well, it really was boring.

I decided to sort my self out and started by updating my CV, then handing it out to all the shops in town. A lot of them, however, told me i needed to apply online, so i got home and did just that. This was a couple of months ago now so you can understand my doubts when i thought all that effort was just a waste. BUT, about 2 weeks ago while i was at work one day, i received an email saying i had an interview! The interview was last Tuesday at a well-known clothing shop. The managers who were present told us we would be contacted the next day about the job and ... we weren't... (well, i wasn't anyway). I was in sooooo much doubt that i didn't get it, but the next day was a result! One of the managers called me up and told me i got the job and that i was to come to an induction/ training day type thing on the 30th of this month! I was so excited and still am!

I am so glad i will finally be leaving food and working with fashion, something i love! So, this just goes to show: If you (finally..) put the effort in, you will get something out of it, even if it's not straight away just keep trying your hardest! 

I hope you liked this blog post, i do apologise for lack of photos but hope it was inspiring :)
i WILL update soon

Bye Bye.

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