Friday, 6 December 2013

A bit about me!


I am going to (finally!) introduce myself and tell you a couple of things about me.
For starters, here i am:
I do apologise for lack of make-up (sneakily edited in a hint of blusher... shh!).

My name is Ellis Kathleen Webb and I am a 17 year old ex-6th form student. I love a lot of creative things as mentioned in my first post and am currently in full-time work at a clothing store. I am a verrrryyyyyy lazy person and struggle to stick to routine so updating this blog is like my own personal little challenge ^ ^.


A few facts about me:

1. I'm mixed-race
2. I love food.. 
3. My birthday is 25th of June
4. I probably only sleep at my house about 3 nights a week
5. Until last month, i have always owned at least one pet
6. I love Zelda
7. I am obsessed with Professor Layton (upset that the last couple are on 3DS though..... -_-)
8. J'adore shopping
9. I don't, personally, own a laptop/ computer
10. Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter are two of my favourite blogs


Anyways, enough about me. Today it was very cold but, even though i couldn't stop shivering, i noticed the sky was kind of cool so i took a picture to show you

Is it just me or does it look like a big wave of clouds is about to crash down?
...No?... Just me then... 
..oh well

 Aaanyways, I hope you liked this short-but-sweet post, i thought it would be helpful if you knew something about the person who is writing what you're reading... if you get what i mean!

Feel free to comment giving feedback/ tips etc.(I'm sure i need them)

I will update soon but it's bye bye for now!


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