Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Oily Skin Saviours!

Spring is here and, although I much prefer the warmer weather, I can't help but worry every day about how oily my skin gets. Those of you out there that have oily/combination skin will understand me when I say having oily skin sucks. With summer on the horizon, this year I am trying to do everything I can to reduce the amount of excess oil on my face. I have found a few products that are helping me with my oily skin and, even though they aren't miracle workers, I hope they help you too.
Now, these products don't completely suck up the unnecessary oil on my face (I am yet to find a product that prevents oil completely!) but they really do help to mattify my face for a longer period of time than if I wasn't to use them.
When it comes to skin care, I will only buy products that are catered for oily/combination skin as they are (usually) oil-free, stopping my pores to become blocked up by oil even more. I use the standard products; Cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a clay mask. Though these products do work for me it's best to find what works best for your skin, but I do recommend a face mask for oily skin at least once a week as it really helps to dry the oil up and leave your face smooth. I do like to mix and match my brands but I would only recommend it if your skin can handle all sorts of different products.
For makeup, I have really been into BB creams lately and the Matte BB Cream by Rimmel is really working for me. It's oil-free which, again, stops additional oil from clogging up my pores, and it has 9 different skin benefits which foundations don't tend to have. In colder weather I just stick to oil-free foundations but BB cream has a light-weight feeling and is perfect for spring!
Now I know every oily skinned lady will agree with me when I say that powder is a complete necessity! If it wasn't for powder, my skin would feel greasy and look shiny so it's the perfect product, especially for touch-ups through out the day. Powder is one product that I can't live without!
I hope I helped with your oily skin needs, have any tips for me?

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