Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day ♥

Hello everyone, it's quite a lovely day here in England which is perfect as it's Mother's day! As my mum's birthday was about two weeks ago, I didn't want to just buy her another present because I'd already got her what she wanted for her birthday. So, instead, I put all my heart into baking a lovely cake :)

I used a cake mix as a base from Betty Crocker. I chose the Devil's Food Cake Mix as my mum absolutely loves chocolate. There's chocolate fudge icing through the middle as well as round the outside. I piped some white icing around the top as a sort of border, then covered the top with white chocolate and milk chocolate buttons, white choco chips and marshmallows! It's a heart attack on a plate but tastes absolutely heavenly!
What did you do for Mother's day?

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