Thursday, 27 March 2014

Computer Problems

I do apologise for not updating very frequently lately. In a previous post I mentioned that I ordered a laptop, however, I actually cancelled that order and bought a desktop for my abandoned, old, dust-covered Apple Mac Mini. I figured that buying a desktop would be easier for me because A) It was much cheaper than a laptop and B) Why not use a Mac if you already have one?
Using the mac was fine at first, I changed the theme, added my most visited websites to my favourites in Safari, even wrote a blog post or two but I soon realised that buying the desktop and using the mac again was a complete mistake. Here's why:
-- I can't install my Canon DSLR software because the Mac Mini is so outdated --
-- I can't install Sims 3 (My favourite game...) because it is so outdated --
-- I can't install RPG Maker because (you guessed it..) it's outdated --
-- I can't even UPDATE the Mac Mini because it is SOOO OUTDATED!! --
As much as I would love to have a Mac right now, I can't not have these things in my life especially the Canon software.
I have decided that the best thing to do is to sell the Mac system as a bundle and put the money towards a laptop... (Yes, I do regret cancelling the order in the first place -____- ).
If I don't update often it is because, yet again, me and my mother are sharing a laptop which she takes to work everyday..
On a lighter, less "ranty" note, I was walking home earlier today and a cute little tabby cat followed me almost all the way.
I, honestly, started to feel bad because the more it followed the more lost it looked.
I'll see when I can update next,

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