Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Helloooo everybody!
I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to do an outfit of the day and here it is! Well... kinda... I'm going to show you my make-up too so this is more like a .. "Look" of the day, hence the title. To start off, I'm just going to say that about 90% of the clothes I own are from River Island, so, if I don't write where an item of clothing is from, just assume my clothes are from there.
I love this outfit because it's so comfortable and easy to wear! The leopard print top is an oversized fit but I wear it more tucked into some jeans, I think it looks more interesting than just having it un-tucked.
These shoes ... You either love them or you hate them! I, obviously, love them! Lately, I have really been attracted to chunky platform shoes. I am pretty tall compared to your average female so I really shouldn't where platform shoes and boots but I just can't resist! The gold clips on these shoes, however, never stayed clipped so I had to super glue them together and just use the zip on the heel :') Bit of DIY never hurt anyone ay?
I have done this make-up look pretty much everyday recently. I just apply the base (foundation, concealer, powder) then add the slightest bit of red/pink blusher on my cheeks. My eyebrows are routine (I hate not filling my eyebrows in!) so after those I sweep a tiny bit of bronze eyeshadow across my lids, apply eyeliner (I use a gel eyeliner) and finish the look off with mascara. I really like this look and it suits every outfit! Also, I either use a lip balm or a lipstick depending on my mood :)
I hope you liked this LOTD! I will do more of these soon.
And, like I said in my previous post, I have many ideas for upcoming posts so I look forward to sharing them with you! To see this post off:
A Selfieeee
Will post again soon!

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